Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two right feet

Ale likes to be barefoot; he always has. He has also always forgotten where he puts his shoes even after infinitive reminders to put his shoes in the closet. The newest rule in our house is that he cannot get into the van without his shoes on. Yet it is a bit difficult for us to manage and on several occasions we have arrived at a destination only to find Ale barefoot! Today was no different with the exception that I broke the rule and knowingly allowed him into the van without shoes as we were going somewhere that was "barefoot friendly".

After our visit we ended up going to the local five&dime. Ale gets out of the car and....NO SHOES! Samuel had a pair of his shoes in the van for some reason and we also managed to find one of Ale's shoes in there. Ale ended up wearing his shoe and one of Samuel's. He insisted that he should wear one with one of Samuel's; who am I to argue? Thankfully they were the same design. He looked like a duck waddling into the store with two right feet, one a couple of sizes bigger than the other one.

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