Monday, September 29, 2008

Table for Six..Dining out with the kids

When we dine out we like to find places that are kid friendly. Our children seem to have a tolerance level of about 45 minutes from start to stop. I think we only made it to about 29 minutes yesterday.

We went to Outback as we haven't been there in a long time. Annah has been doing great with potty training and hadn't had an accident in about a week. However while waiting for our food she had an accident. AJ took her to the bathroom to clean her and returned to the table with a half naked child. We wrapped one of Andi's blankets around her legs and he went out to the van to get a fresh change of clothes.

Shortly thereafter Andi needed a diaper change as well. I had been thinking about changing her diaper size for a week or so but we hadn't. Beautiful yellow poo up the side of her sweater onesie. AJ changed her and brought her back to the table NAKED! Another trip out to the van for fresh clothes.

By this time we had been served but the food was getting cold. The kids all ordered broccoli soup to which only Samuel ate. Ale wasn't interested and Annah does what Ale does so all they had in them was bread. Okay, whew!

Something then happened. What? I don't really remember but Annah started to cry which in turn made Andi cry (she does whenever her siblings do). Enough was enough. I gave AJ & Samuel to finish eating and he requested that the rest of the food be bagged for us while we waited for him in the van.

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