Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Potty Training 101 & the Three Day Rule

We have a method that works well when it comes to any kind of training or weaning. We call it "The Three Day Rule" which basically is to wait until there is a window of opportunity. There is no sense training/weaning when a child is not willing. You have to catch it just right. The first day always requires a lot of attention and perhaps distraction. The second day is a continuation with the understanding that there is no turning back. The third day reality sets in and it becomes much easier from that point. It just works.

At least I thought that. Maybe we just aren't catching Annah at the right time. She has never liked to poop. That is from birth! She does poop on the toilet, however. Now tinkles? We are still getting there. I am starting to wonder if her training is going to be more gradual. She has a strong personality and with Andrea only being 2 1/2 months may be using that and withholding. Granted she is just over 2 herself and there is plenty of time. I guess time will tell. We may have our first non-three-day-ruler....but probably just the timing isn't right yet.

(I need to mention here that she calls Winnie "Winnie the PooP". It makes me chuckle. And what parent cannot hold a conversation about tinkles and poopies?

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