Saturday, March 28, 2009

The age of the times

I have a collection of cassettes from when I studied in Mexico in 1993-1994. Some is music and others are tapes from a radio program that I had with a small handful of other US international students (we called the program Gringolingo, by the way). They were tucked away in a wooden box on a shelf in Ale's room. He was interested in the box so I got it down. When he opened it he was puzzled and asked, "What are those?" He wasn't too interested when I told him. He only knows CDs & DVDs.

It's a new one!

The kids favorite cartoon is Tom & Jerry, one that I watched when growing up. They started watching it because they could see it "on demand" at Nanna & Buppa's. They also enjoy the Pink Panther which both Armando & I used to watch. Samuel went into shock when he said that there was a "new" one on and I told him that none of them were "new" & they were around when I was growing up. But to him it is still "new".


The world according to Samuel...the opposite of "upside down" is "upside up".

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yes, or no, or maybe, there is a Santa Claus

Ale is 4 & 1/2...One day out of the blue he told me that there was no Santa Claus. He then added that the Easter Bunny wasn't real either (this one didn't bother me at all). His logic was quite simple, the Easter Bunny couldn't be real because bunnies are small and that big bunny you see on television or at the mall is just a guy dressed up. I didn't answer yes or no but later said if that is what he thought that he should keep it a secret because he had to decide for himself. Lately he has been talking about the bunny because Easter is coming and he knows that if there is no bunny, however, then there is no fun little basket. Strangly, he hasn't mentioned the 3 Kings but that I am glad for.

Get with the Times!

Samuel is in first grade and he is reading a book about Benjamin Franklin. We have to sit with him when he reads because sometimes the content is a little to complicated. One morning we were reviewing with him and we asked Samuel why he thought that Benjamin Franklin took a boat to Philadelphia. His reply, "Because they didn't have airplanes back then."

Monday, March 16, 2009


All of the kids were late "tooth" bloomers...I think Samuel didn't get his first tooth until he was 10 months old. Andrea is our youngest bloomer and her first tooth popped up about a month ago when she was 7 months. She never fails to get a giggle from people when she gives them a stare down and then when they say something to her she smiles and has a mouthful of gums and just one little tooth sticking up on the bottom.

Holy Cow...or Horse?

We were in Mexico in January and Ale was picking up Spanish quickly after a few days of being there. He learned that a horse was a "caballo" (ka-buy-yo...more or less). We had a chuckle when we passed a heard of cows that were grazing in a field near the highway and he said, "Mira (look), los caballos". We told him that cows were "vacas" but he wasn't concerned. He kept on calling cows "caballos" and we couldn't figure out why. One day he pronounced it and we finally picked up why....he was thinking and saying "COW-ballo". At least that explained it!