Friday, September 19, 2008

Multiple uses for a rolling pin!

Dear Diary,

Today I found yet another use for a rolling pin.

The set-up: We have been walking behind Samuel to school in the morning however today I rode my bike with him, leaving the three others at home with AJ. It was a lot quicker. Then I thought...I have been walking a lot and would like to start biking some more. It definitely felt more free biking now than when I went around the block with Samuel when he was starting to learn early this summer and I was almost 8 months pregnant. I decided to buy a bike trailer. I should have held onto the one my sister gave us just before Samuel turned one but there was no need. Anyhow, I found one on clearance and had to put it together.

The conviction: The trailer is supposed to be put together without tools but, of course, the pieces don't fit exactly how they need to and some pounding is necessary. I managed to get everything together with the exception to the 2nd handle. It just didn't line up right. So I go to find a "pounding tool". Too lazy to search downstairs. We do have a tool area but it isn't ontop of my organization list right now. Why not use a rolling pin? Good idea.

Pound, pound, pound. It is working! Okay, a couple of dents in the wood but that would give me a nice story when I'd use it some other day to make crumbs or roll out some dough. That handle sure is stubborn. Pound, pound, pound. Do I see the rolling pin falling apart? Yup! I had bought it at an estate sale shortly after getting married over 9 years ago. Fell apart? Yup!!! Oh, well. I guess I really didn't like that the rolling pin had handles on it anyway. It served it's purpose yet again and the trailer did get put together (in the kitchen, by the way). And now I have my "handle-less" rolling pin.

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