Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Running on Empty

Monday ended up being a big day. Returning to the office after a 5 month maternity leave, wrestling sign up for the boys, tuition due for Ale, general running and an appointment with the speech specialist at the elementary school for Ale. After work it was off to the bank. Time would be tight but we'd make it to the school ontime for Samuel's dismissal and the appointment. Time got tighter when I realized there was very little gas in the van. The display showed 4 miles and then trickled down to 2 miles. When I got to a station the meter displayed ZERO miles to empty as I pulled up to the pump. I had about 6 minutes to get to the school so only filled the tank 3/4 full to save a couple of seconds. Then I see this note saying if I don't get a receipt I need to pay inside and kept on hearing announcements for other pump numbers to go inside and pay. I was already under the gun and the kids were in the car and I was praying my receipt came off. It did! 4 minutes to spare and I finally arrived to school about just 2 minutes late.

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