Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The two favorite things in our house are legos and drawing paper. This weekend the kids went through a lot of paper. While they use both sides it makes a mess and then I feel guilty for not saving it because it is paper after all! But I try not to worry about it too much. This morning I was picking up the paper on the table and deciding which drawings to save and what would be recycled. I came across a pile about 30 pieces thick. Each piece had a single swirl drawing on it. Samuel! He had been into drawing swirls over the weekend and had us playing guessing games to find out how many he'd have on a single sheet. But a single swirl to a single sheet of paper was just too much. And that is when all I could think about was what I was told in school and at home growing up. "Do you know where paper comes from?" Yes, we have doodle boards but nothing beats a clean sheet of long as it is used wisely.

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