Sunday, December 28, 2008

Soap in the Mouth

It is becoming a tradition to watch "A Christmas Story". This year we really couldn't resist since the kids are getting a bit more into non-animated movies AND there is a home very near us that has a "sexy leg lamp" in it's window. There is one part of the movie where Ralfie said the big "nono" word and got soap in his mouth. Annah was very attent during that part of the movie apparently...

The other day we were packed into the van and I said "Darn it, let's (whatever it was)".

Annah: What did you say?

Me: I said a sassy, no-no word. Don't say "darn it"

Annah: Well, you need to get some (soap) in your mouth.

The boys thought that was funny. Annah didn't laugh until she heard her brothers.

Annah: That was really funny!

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