Friday, October 24, 2008

Passport patience

We've done this three times before. It isn't hard to follow directions and have everything in order when filing for a passport. The first fun thing is taking an infant's picture. From past experience we stick with the post office for that to ensure the size is just right. Birth certificate? Oops. We had to go and retrieve it and return. Of course the officer had 2 other appointments booked so we prayed she'd squeeze us in, which she did. No bother that not only did we have to return but Ale & Annah were squirmy and then I had to run out to the van for the checkbook. And THEN hand the check to her only to have it returned because I forgot to fill in a line. No amout of organization would have prevented it; that is just how it is sometimes. So we are ready to go and there is water on the floor by where Annah is standing. Armando whispers..."Did she pee?" Woudn't that be icing on the cake? Whew, just my wet shoe prints from the van run in the rain.

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