Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Mami Superpower...I make milk

I don't like bottles and I don't like to pump. Maybe it is because of my nursing experience being cut short with Samuel (another story) or maybe it is because there are so many pieces and the time and effort to keep things stored and cleaned isn't worth it. I haven't pumped at all since with the other children even when I pumped they wouldn't take a bottle. That and my milk supply increases way too quickly when I pump.

With that said Andi is now 3 months and I have never pumped. She has been left once with my mom for an hour and did okay. Next week I am going on a field trip to the pumpking patch with Ale. I did the same field trip when Samuel was in 4 year old pre-school and Annah was just 2 and 1/2 months old; also my first time venturing away from my "baby".

Last night I pulled out the pump and expresses about a 1/2 an ounce just to see. The kids watched. I opened the single bottle that has been stored in the cabinet to which Ale asked, "What is THAT?". Funny what you hear in a non-bottle household. They watched in amazement as the milk came out and we put it into the bottle. Did Andi take it? Not really. She just gnawed with the right side of her mouth and sampled but no sucking.

So I will pump a bottle for my venture out. While I don't expect her to take any while I am away it puts me at ease that she has it even though she will be like her brothers and sister and prefer to wait. I suppose we could try a little dropper too but for her it is probably more about me than the milk and vice versa. She will be fine, right?

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