Saturday, July 19, 2008


So, who is Paulino? The children's cousin is PaulinA. Yes, with an "a" at the end as in she is a little girl. When we found out we were expecting we told the kids the names we had picked out. Andrea if we had a girl and Joaquin if we had a boy. Ale wanted the baby to be a boy and wanted to call him Paulino. We couldn't figure out why but then it came to us. Alejandro's cousin was born a week after he was and her name is AlejandrA. So naturally since his cousin's name was PaulinA there needed to be a PaulinO.

The kids now have added a 7th member to the family. You guessed it, PaulinO. They carry him around the house and even took him to the outdoor theatre with us last night to watch a movie. Here is a picture of Paulino. He was made for us as a gift (adopted, I guess) from a family friend in Mexico when she found out we were expecting Alejandro four years ago.

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