Monday, July 28, 2008


The kids like to go to N&B's (Nanna and Buppa's). Besides swimming they take the golf cart out with my parents and go out to putt or just for a drive. Yesterday my parents took Ale & Annah as Samuel played with his Razor scooter in the front yard. They came back and we all had a good laugh. They had one of those moments where you wish you had a camera with you.

They gave Annah her little putter and were on one of the greens. Everyone got out of the cart and Annah had this shiny little black purse with her. She reached her hand inside and got out a golf ball (she had several stashed inside). A perfect way to carry golf balls around for such a little lady. One of the balls she had had an "eye" on it so she held it up to her eye and walked around saying "eye, eye, eye" (my father has a machine that instead of dispensing bubble gum dispenses golf balls and the kids enjoy putting a quarter in and getting a ball out in return; that is where she got the ball). Onto putting...Annah was going to putt. She held the putter sideways so was hitting the ball with the edge of the club instead of the side. One time, okay. Two times, okay. Enough is enough! Annah will be two in just under a week. She thought it through....this is taking too much time! The next stroke she decided to not use the club at all but instead kicked the ball. The perfect solution for such a delicate game!

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