Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We all scream for ice cream!

Two nights ago we heard the every so familiar sound of music coming from a couple of streets over. Unmistakeably the ice cream truck! We remembered chasing after it when it came into our neighborhood over the past couple of years with the kids, one time dashing through our backyard neighbors' yard while he entertained his cigar-smoking buddies. Last night we heard it again. The kids stopped eating; what a convenient time for it to pass right at dinner. Sam saw it go by our house; which was a suprise as our street is kid-quiet. We decided to splurge and took the kids across the street. It was so adoreable seeing the 3 of them sitting on the curb with their eyes wide open in anticipation that the truck would return and delight them with a treat. Of course, the truck made it's way around the end of the road and returned to three pleasant little faces. It was another "the best day of my life" moment, as Samuel would say.

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