Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bubblegum Medicine

Sam came down with a double ear infection last week in addition to the chills, fever, amongst other symptoms. We normally don't dash into the clinic but he was misearable. He was perscribed a watermellon tasting antibiotic. NOT the bubblegum flavor he was hoping for. Night one I had to put pink dye into the medicine so he'd take it. Then he got creative and wanted to take his medicine in the bathroom. AJ suspected something was going on but we let him. I checked after and did see a little dab of medicine in the sink along the rim of the drain but thought there'd be no way he was so clever as to discard of the medicine without leaving a real trace. The next two times he had to pee at the same time he needed to take his medicine. So we enforced a no peeing rule. Then he just took his medicine religiously, always coming out of the bathroom with his nose plugged. This went on for five days until AJ witnessed him disposing of the medicine last night!

Sam is a "nice boy" as his teacher would say. But what a little stinker. Yes, we did grin and smirk a bit but the event could not go unnoticed so we had to step up as parents. And we both had a gut instinct that something was up but let it go...we know better for the next time. No television for Sam for 5 days. It was that or no bike but he just learned to ride and the exercise is something I really don't want to take away. Now, if it happens again!

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