Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Samuel was in a Little Ninjas karate program for the last year. We took him out in summer so we could enjoy family time before he started kindergarden. He started again at the same time as the school year began and it was just too much. A full day away five days a week is a lot. Right now he is going just on Saturdays. However all of his old mates are no longer there and the new crew are all just beginning. He isn't being challenged in my opinion. Last week he got a stripe which after getting a certain amount of stripes they get the next belt. So that got him excited and now he wants to continue.

The thing is that I just don't see that happening right now. It is tricky enough trying to coordinate pick-up after school and get dinner on the table without throwing something else into the pot. And then I fear that if he began again he would be too tired ontop of it all. That and squeezing even more any family time we have in the evenings. His gym days are the same day as karate and Samuel goes to bed at just past 8pm otherwise he just doesn't have energy for the next day.

This Saturday is going to be his last day of karate. He is counting down the days not because he wants to stop but because he wants to go. I think that is great however I think we need to step back. Is organized activities a necessity at the age of 5? That seems so young. I am going to see what else is offered locally that we can enjoy and dabble in as a family. Perhaps ice skating or football or something else "autumn-y".

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